You Are Valuable in God’s Sight

you-are-valuableYou are valuable in God’s sight! He created you as a unique person and He loves you immensely.

Often times we think more lowly of ourselves than we ought. But when we read the Creation story in Genesis 1 and 2, we are quickly reminded that as God’s finest creation we hold a place dear to his heart.

In Genesis 1 we read that God created mankind in His likeness. Words like creative, loving, caring and other characteristics come to mind. In chapter 2 of Genesis we get a closer view of the creation of mankind and we see that God made us out of dust and breathed into us the breath of life!

Here are a few thoughts on how valuable you are to God:

  1. He creates each of us as unique beings. No one else has your genetic make-up.  Your eye color, hair, skin tone, are all unique. And your personality is your own. We should not try to be someone else but be the person God intended for us to be.
  2. You have free will. In the Genesis account of the Garden of Eden, God gives man choices.  Adam and Eve can choose to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil…or they can choose not to. In the early writings of the Bible, we see that people are made with a free will to choose for ourselves which path and direction we will go. Choose wisely.
  3. Man and Woman are equally valuable. Just as God is called a Helper in Scripture, so the woman is called a helper to Adam. This does not mean subservient but rather she was created equally as valuable as Adam. When we lessen the role of a person because of gender, age, ethnic background then we are saying that a person created by God has lesser value.

So how should we respond to God who has created us uniquely and loves us. We should love Him with our total mind, heart and body! God desires to have a relationship with you and me. After all that is why He created you.  Think about your relationship with God. Do you feel like you know Him personally? Or do you feel estranged from Him?  Take a moment now and make sure you are in a right relationship with Him. It’s your choice.

You are valuable to Him.

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