Share the Gospel

3_guy-share-faithWhat barriers keep you from expressing your faith in Christ? How can you overcome them? Do you want to share your faith?

The book of Acts is filled with the story of the Holy Spirit unleashing people to cross over barriers of race, nationality, culture and religion. As we study Acts 13, we find Barnabas and Paul setting out to visit cities in Turkey to share the Gospel. The Holy Spirit used their willingness to change a city. While not all received Christ in Antioch Pisidia, many did. Those who opposed this mission team stirred up trouble. These men of God were true to the task and kept on sharing the Gospel.

How can we overcome hindrances to sharing our faith? 

  1. Pray.Simple pray for the courage to speak about your faith.
  2. Have natural conversations.We don’t have to memorize a certain dialogue or know scores of Scripture verses. Just have a conversation! Techniques and materials are always helpful, but natural conversations about Jesus are always good.
  3. Practice. The more you talk about Jesus, the more you will talk about Jesus!
  4. Love people.Meet people where they are and let the Spirit draw them to Jesus via your conversation.
  5. Know salvation doctrine.Paul summarized it well in Acts 13: 38 “Let it be known to you therefore brothers, that through this man (Jesus) forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you, and by Him, everyone who believes is freed…”
  6. Give your fear to the Lord.In other words, let the Spirit guide you. How often does the Bible say “do not be afraid?”  With the Spirit guiding us, we need not fear.
  7. Keep building relationships.It is usually family and friends that we are sharing Christ with most often. Keep the door open to share.

Paul and Barnabas opened the Bible and told others what it meant in the light of Christ. The entire city heard what they had to say. While a number is not given, I would imagine that hundreds of people came to salvation faith in Christ.

Who do you need to talk to?

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