Leadership and Influence

influenceThink of people who have influenced or led you. Perhaps they were knowledgeable or persuasive or focused. We all lead at some point…and we all follow as well. What makes a good leader?

Here are 5 things that make a good leader.

  1. Someone who sees the big picture.When driving a car you have mirrors to help you see all around. Those in the back seat can only see forward.
  1. Recognize your blind spots.Using the car illustration, even a driver sometimes has a blind spot. Good leaders ask others to help reveal their blind spots.
  1. An able communicator.I remember a baseball coach years ago who did not talk to his players. He just watched the game. Needless to say the team did not fare so well. Communicating on all levels is paramount for followers to know direction.
  1. Influential leadership or transactional leadership.The difference is the emphasis on the task instead of the person, on the outcome instead of the process and even who benefits from the exchange.
  1. A heart for God and heart for people.These types of leaders may be a 4th grade Sunday School teacher as well as a Christian businessman or even a parent.

The list above is just the tip of the iceberg. In the very last book of Joshua (24) we find this incredible influential leader speaking to the people of Israel reminding them of God’s leadership in their lives. Joshua, who was an example of a God-following leader for generations, reminded the people of what God had done in their lives and challenged them to continue to follow the leadership of the Lord.

Joshua stated “For me and my house we will serve the Lord”. The people responded three times that they too will serve the Lord. As we study this fantastic book, I am reminded that we are to “be strong in the Lord” and that each and every day we need to “choose this day whom we will serve”.  When we choose to follow Jesus Christ, He will then enable us to lead in such a way that our homes, work or school will know that we are followers of the One who lead us through this world to life everlasting.

Things to Ponder

  1. Is God the leader of your life or are you depending on yourself?
  2. Having a daily quiet time and letting God know that you will follow Him is an important spiritual discipline.  Make sure you are abiding in Him right now!
  3. Is your home a place of peace or a place of chaos?
  4. Think of several characteristics of various leaders in your life. Which ones are you emulating?
  5. What kind of follower are you? Good leaders need followers. We all lead and we all follow. Do your best in each case.
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