Working Through Conflict is Worth It

resolve conflictWhat we say… is not what people always hear.
What we do… is not always understood by another.

Such was the case in Joshua 22 and probably in your life this week as well. I am amazed how God’s Word speaks to every aspect of life as it reveals the heart of men as well as heart of God.

The Israelites had conquered the Promised Land and were returning to their own plots of land when a huge misunderstanding arose that almost resulted in civil war. Two and one half tribes were making their homes east of the Jordan while the other 10 and one half tribes were west of the Jordan. The tribes of Reuben, Gad and half of Manasseh chose to build a symbolic altar on the banks of the Jordan as a reminder to all that God is “The Mighty One” and that Israel should not be divided by the natural borders. The other 10 plus tribes mistook this symbolic alter to be a place of worship opposed to God. Fortunately, before going to war both parties were able to explain their intentions. War was averted and they named the altar “Witness for they said, ‘it is a witness between us that the Lord is God.'”

God wants us to live in peace. Most conflicts occur because of miscommunication. Below are seven Things to Ponder.

  1. Think about recent communications you have had with your spouse, children, or co-workers. Were you clear? What was your tone like? How would they answer these questions?
  2. Speak to people like you want to be spoken to.
  3. Listen, Listen, Listen.
  4. If you do not understand someone’s actions, ask them. Don’t jump to conclusions.
  5. Use the principles of Matthew 18 when you are in conflict with someone.
  6. Pray for others.
  7. Ask God to speak to and through you.
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