Leaders Can Be Confident in God’s Power

pluff mudWalking in faith!  You and I know what that runs through your head/heart as you take those first few steps. You wonder, “Am I doing the right thing?” or “God you got this …and me too!”

In Joshua 3 we read the story of God showing that He is “Lord of all the earth” as He instructs the Israelite’s new leader Joshua to lead them across the flooding Jordan River into the Promised Land.  This historical event unfolds with Joshua readying the one million plus people to strike camp. But first they were to consecrate themselves before undertaking what the Lord instructed them to do.

Do you get that? Before the people followed God, they had to be “right with God”.  So often we jump out with good things but perhaps our hearts are not right or we are seeking our own good or fame. God must be supreme if we are to experience Him in our lives and if He is to lead us.

The people got their hearts rights, packed their things and then followed the Ark of the Covenant to the Jordan River.  At the Jordan those carrying the ark were the first to witness the miracle of the Jordan drying up as they stood firm in the face of the once raging waters. They did not stand in pluff mud, but on dry ground as the nation passed through the Jordan into the land flowing with milk and honey as well as fortified cities, idolaters and armies bent on annihilating the advancing Israelites.

Joshua is a great example to us as we seek to follow God. He listened, obeyed, led in getting his heart right, shared the vision and implemented what God had told him. The million plus nation spread out perhaps a mile or longer as they too experienced the great and mighty leadership of God and followed Him with the next step of faith.

May your journey be one where you walk with God through the dangers and stand firm with a clean heart anticipating all that God has in store for you!

Things to Ponder:

What are some steps of faith you have faced…how did you experience God?

What are some things that you are facing today? How is God leading?

Think about a million people, spread out over a mile or two crossing a river and coming toward you.

Do you see the parallels with this event and the crossing of the Red Sea?

What is your next step?

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