Strong and Courageous Leadership

309574“Strong and courageous” is a phrase that is found numerous times in Joshua 1 as God speaks this into Joshua’s life.

I can think of several men in our church who embody this passage. They are strong, some holding weight lifting records, others excelling at cross-fit, and others sculpted and toned. And they are courageous as well. They are men who consider options, speak wisely and gently and are willing to take calculated risks. But more than that they serve God!  Their personal devotional life is evident and they are leading their families in the ways of the Lord.

Joshua succeeded Moses as the leader of Israel. He was a man of courage and I am sure of external and internal strength. And like the men I am describing above, he talked with God…and God talked with him.

We are all leading in some way. And we are all followers in some ways too. As leaders we must rely on the Truth to lead us. Organizational and business leadership skills sets are certainly useful and I believe God can use those to help us. But when a person leads from a Christian based mindset/heartset things are different. People are empowered, motivated, equipped and eager to serve. Difficult tasks are put in perspective and goals are achieved.

In the context of this passage God is telling Joshua not to stray from His Word. The application for us is the same as well. We are to read the Bible, memorize it, mediate on it and it permeate every fiber of our being. Following God wholeheartedly and letting His Word guide our lives will result in strong and courageous leadership.

Things to Ponder:

Who are some good leaders you follow?

What two or three things would you say makes them a good leader?

Who are some people following your lead? How can you enhance your leadership?

In what ways is God helping you to be strong and courageous?

How does God’s Word impact your leadership?

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