The Attitude of Humbleness

True-HumilityArrogant or Humble? Politicians, sports figures, and celebrities all come across one way or the other it seems. I especially enjoy seeing athletes giving credit to the team if there is a win or a loss. And perhaps even giving credit to the opposing team as well.

This past week our church softball team scored lots of runs in the final inning putting the game out of reach. I was proud of our guys displaying proper sportsmanship and having the right attitude.  By the way our team knows what it is like to lose as well.

Paul in Philippians 2 tells this church (and us) to have the same mind or attitude that Christ had when He chose to leave Heaven in all its glory and become a man who was both divine and human! This act by God the Son, ended with a sadistic death bringing forgiveness to all of mankind and with His resurrection the knowledge that we too will be victorious over death.

Humbleness, like other Christian characteristics or fruit of the Spirit does not come naturally. We must turn our will over to God so He can “work for His good pleasure” in our lives (Phil 2:13).  Our daily devotion to Jesus allows Him to transform us into His disciples. As we follow Christ, people will notice our lives, our language and our service. Christ living in you enables the Holy Spirit to draw people unto Himself so that they too may experience the love and grace that only Jesus provides.

Things to Ponder:

Who comes to mind when you think of humbleness?

How has following Jesus changed your mindset or attitude toward Him, others and even yourself?

How are humbleness and a healthy self esteem connected?

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