Love Means Laying It All on the Line

runningThe conversation as the miles went by was often interrupted by this verse, “Greater love has no one than this that someone lay down his life for his friend.” John 15:13  Then Richie Bowen or I would speed up in front of the other so we were single file while running as a car approached.

Running, talking about God, quoting verses and watching out for cars was our pattern as we logged many miles together. Whenever I hear that verse today, I think of Richie, who is now with the Lord, and the risk he took as soldier, deputy sheriff and how he gave himself as a husband and father to his family. I think he and I both know what this verse means. Do you?

When we love someone, we are willing to do anything for them. I have heard many a parent say, he would die to protect his children.

But will we LIVE for others? Will we LIVE for Jesus?

Over the next few weeks in Sunday School, we are studying God’s Word regarding relationships. We begin with how love permeates every relationship we have. John 15 is our text that you will want to read so you can engage in meaningful conversation with your small group on Sunday.

Things to Ponder:
What does it mean to abide in Christ? How do know if you abiding?
Jesus calls us friends in this passage. How is He both a Holy God and a friend to you?
Why is love the foundational element of relationships?
How would you characterize your life in terms of bearing fruit?
In what ways are you laying down your life for others?
Ask the Lord to help you see people as He sees them.

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