Fear and Joy on Resurrection Morning

empty tombIn Matthew 27 we read that the women at the tomb experienced both “fear and joy”. I understand that as I think about the events that are recorded in this and the other Gospels. The previous few days had been traumatic and these women along with most of Jerusalem had witnessed another horrible execution. But this one was different in many ways. This crucifixion redeemed humanity. And therein lies the joy.

The Resurrection of Christ from the grave is not a fantasy or myth. It is reality! His documented appearances prove that something supernatural happened following His last words of “It is finished”. That supernatural event has been personalized in the lives of billions of people as throughout known history people, cultures and nations have all been impacted by the Resurrection. It changed everything!

The accounts of the Resurrection collectively share great insight into those early morning hours when the women discovered that Jesus was alive. In the Matthew account, we find an angel sitting on the stone which sealed the grave, soldiers feinted on the ground that guarded the grave and Jesus outside of the grave walking and talking to the women. Both of the women grabbed hold of the Risen Lord’s feet and worshiped Him. Jesus instructed them to not fear and gave them instructions to tell the others that He would meet them.

Many of you reading this have experienced the hollow feeling that grief brings. You know the fear of seeing a loved one pass. You have also received the comfort that only Christ brings. Perhaps you have also reached that point where the joy of knowing that life continues with God has surpassed your sorrows. This passage gives hope in the One who conquered death and promises life. Let’s be like the women and worship. Then let’s stay busy telling others that they too can see and experience Jesus, our Risen Lord.

Things to Ponder:

Tony Evans says that we want even know we have died…because we will be more alive in the moment after death than ever before.

How does Jesus conquering death enable you to live abundantly?

Remember the 21 Egyptians beheaded on the beach by Isis. How do you think they had the courage to be as calm as they were for their faith?

If Jesus has conquered death…then what is there left to fear?

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