Lasagna, Zita, and Joy

serving at shelterShe looked like she could be a well dressed grandma who had just attended a civic group meeting or even church. Her hair was dark with grey streaks and she had poise. At first  I thought she was a volunteer but I soon realized that she was a guest at the shelter where we serving dinner.

The other faces in the all women group looked tired and worn as if they had seen a lot of life…and indeed they have. Even the young teens who were there with their mothers seemed to have a hardened look.

But the smiles began showing as the lasagna, ziti, and green beans began filling the plates. Eyes brightened and words of appreciation came out as we served the hot food. I glanced up to see the women in our group laughing and talking with other women at the tables as they ate their food.

Joy spread throughout the room. Certainly the great food contributed to atmosphere in the room.  this. But contributing even more
so was the fact that people cared for one another. Joy had spread into hearts of everyone as the evening came to a close and we went our separate ways.

The reason we served is because Jesus did this and instructs His followers to do the same. He fed people. He brought joy to men, women and children. He cared. He loved. He served. And because we are Jesus-followers…well we should too.

As far as the stately woman. She gathered her few belongings and began settling in for another night in a shelter.

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