The Life of Christ–Who do you say He is?

Bow-the-Knee-2011-Anthony-Truly-this-was-the-son-of-God“Hail, King of the Jews”, was the mocking tribute that the soldiers said to Jesus as they beat him with their fists, spat on him and brutally tortured and humiliated  Him. (Matthew 27:29). Their perspective on who He really was totally inaccurate and to them he was just another unfortunate Jew in the land they occupied.  Yes, Jesus is King of the Jews and even though the soldiers said it mockingly…it was totally accurate.

I hear similar statements about God today. What I mean is that people may acknowledge God and may describe Him, but they really don’t know Him.  We live in a culture where many people believe God exists but do not show proper respect. These days people often refer to God in causal terms, half-truths, or disrespectful words and even cross over into blasphemous statements as they describe a concept or idea about God and fall far short of actually speaking about the True God. They limit their idea of God to what they want Him to be so they can keep Him in a box so He will not interfere with their lifestyle!

The cross changed everything!  As Jesus was nailed on the cross, He asked forgiveness for those executing Him. He quoted Scripture (Psalm 22), suffered excruciating pain, called for the care of His mother, and finally “finished” the sacrificial atonement for your sin and mine. Cosmic events happened as unprecedented darkness covered the earth along with an earthquake. Religious barriers fell in the temple, and mankind was redeemed on this horrible, but Good Friday.

“This man really was God’s Son,” declared the Roman centurion. In just a few short hours, the mocking tribute of the soldiers had changed into a profession of a faith by a hardened battle proven warrior. It is when we too acknowledge the true identity of the Triune God and receive salvation through His grace that our view of God changes. In fact it becomes a relationship between us as children and Him as our Heavenly Father.

Things to Ponder:
Who do you think Jesus is? A man, teacher, or Savior?

What words do you use to describe a Holy God to others?

How does the cross of Christ change everything for you? for others?

What are two or three things you can do to make this Easter week more meaningful or reflective for you and your family?

Who in your life to do you need to share with that Jesus is the Messiah.

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