His Power Calms Storms —Jesus

Jesus-calms-storm“Silence! Be Still” were the words of Jesus when He calmed the storm in Mark 4:35-41.  These few words caused the gale on the lake to cease and the men on the boat to wonder even more so who Jesus was. These words echo what a friend said the other day describing how God how told him, “I got this, not to worry”.

The focus is on the power of Christ. In the context of Mark 4 and 5, the author has shared four parables that Jesus had taught and now Mark shares four examples of Jesus power over nature, demons, illness and death.

Mark also describes the human side of the GOD-MAN Jesus, as he describes the Master as exhausted and sleeping after a day of teaching. Crossing over the lake Jesus slept soundly even though a terrible storm arose on Lake Galilee. Fearing for their lives, the disciples awakened Jesus. Contemptuously they asked if He cared if they died. Jesus calmed the storm…and then the real fear set in for they wondered who on earth could do such a thing. And there is the answer. No human could do this. Only God has control over nature. After all He created it!

There are many nuggets in this narrative of Jesus and the storm. Already you are probably processing about the storms in your life and drawing parallels. Or perhaps you are thinking about the absolute power of Jesus. I know it will be a good discussion with others as we delve into the Word and allow the Word to bore into us!

Things to Ponder:
Jesus gave instructions to cross over the lake. What has He told you lately?
Imagine how scared you might have been even as an experienced fisherman.
Storms will come. What are two or three truths you can apply from this passage?
“Silence! Be still” were His words to the wind and waves. How can being silent and/or still enable you to communicate better with Christ?
Who can you help who is going through a storm right now?

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