Jesus Taught with Authority and Love

“You have heard it said, but I say to you”. Whenever Jesus said this everything changed! When Jesus taught, it was it was “as one having authority.” Mark 1:22
TruthInLoveAs we think about the life of Christ we see Jesus as more than a great teacher. His words, his parables, his message, along with His actions, bore truth that He was the Messiah.
Jesus had just finished blessing a group of children when according to Mark 10:17 a man came running up to Jesus, knelt down and asked about “inheriting eternal life.” The Master Teacher always ready, began their conversation by pointing the man toward God by stating “No one is good but One-God.”  Secondly, Jesus addressed the man with something familiar by stating the last portion of the 10 Commandments that primarily deal with relationships with others. You may recall that the man, who is often called the rich young ruler, replied that he kept all these commands.
Jesus knows our heart.  And He knew this man’s heart as well. When Jesus told the man that to sell his possessions and to follow Him, He knew that this man’s security was in his possessions. Like many today, the rich young ruler embraced the idol of materialism above following the Lord. Remember the first command which is “do not have any gods beside Me.”
In all of this Jesus showed love towards this one searching for answers. Love is best teacher of all. Love is the conduit by which lessons are learned. Love is the reason that we are offered salvation and forgiveness. God is Love!
Things to Ponder:
What is your security?
Are you placing other things, people, or wealth ahead of God?
How can you show love to someone else in such a way that they see Christ?
Examine your conversations with others and see if they are laced with love.
Speak the Truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) …or remain silent.
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