The Life of Christ—His Entry into the World

Baby Jesus and MaryLittle girls enjoy playing with baby dolls and dream of the time that they will be mommies. I have observed young adults who are eager to have a baby they can call their own. The desire to have a child is innate within us.
Imagine for a moment how Mary, the mother of Jesus must have felt. In her culture, giving birth was a sign of blessing. To add to that blessing, having a boy was considered very fortunate in that he could care for the family and carry on the lineage. And to add even more to Mary’s dreams was the possibility that she could be the mother of the Messiah. She was like every Jewish girl in that regard!
But yet she was unlike every Jewish girl as well, in that God considered her “highly favored” as spoken by the celestial visitor Gabriel. In fact “the Lord is with you” were his actual words. Imagine how affirmed and how perplexed this young maiden felt.
In studying the life of Christ, His miraculous birth is paramount to understanding His deity as well as His humanity. In our study this week in Luke 1, I hope you will look at the story in a fresh way as our groups delve into this passage. The sheer phenomenon of such a miracle is well, out of this world. The fact that God “overshadowed” Mary and within her the Christ-Child was conceived is only the beginning of Jesus’ story of redemption.
We start at the cradle, but the message takes us to the Cross. May God bless you as you open the Word and your heart to Him this week.
Things to Ponder:
Verses 31-33 lists five aspects of Jesus. See if you can find them.
Make a list of some of the thoughts or feelings Mary must have had.
What does it mean to you that Jesus is given the titles of “Son of the Most High” and “Son of God”.
I have always loved Mary’s submissive statement, “May it be done to me according to your Word.”  Speak that aloud to God and allow Him to transform you!
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