It’s All About Jesus

promises-of-a-messiah1It’s all about Jesus!  Every word in the WORD is about Him. The Logos became flesh and dwelt among us. The coming of Christ was promised for centuries and the Bible speaks of the Messiah as it tells the story of God’s salvation to mankind.

This Sunday we begin a series called the Life of Christ in which we will study the Scriptures from the promise of His coming to the Resurrection and promise of eternal life. This week our focus is Isaiah 53.

Every time we open the Bible, we should practice some common interpretive principles such as praying and studying the passage in the “Light of Christ”. These are only two principles (and there are many more) but they are so appropriate for the Isaiah 53 passage.

In Acts 8 we find the story of Phillip interpreting Isaiah 53 to the Ethiopian who was traveling back to Africa. As Phillip explained the passage it became evident that the Scripture was talking about the crucified and resurrected Jesus, in whom the African placed his trust. That man received salvation that day and it is unfathomable how much Christianity spread into the continent of Africa because of what God was going to do through him.

This Old Testament passage is so descriptive of what actually happened to Jesus. Words like; bruised, crushed, pain, stricken, pierced, wounds, oppressed, afflicted, struck, silent, despised, rejected etc. jump out and help me realize that this passage is speaking of the Promised Messiah. In addition words like; our, we, healed, restitution, etc. make me think of how much Jesus loves me and you to die for our sins and to be raised to life again for our ultimate salvation of eternal life in Him.

Things to Ponder:
Ponder the gruesome death described in this passage of Christ for you and me.
Think about how we are recipients of His great love.
Reflect on how powerful the Bible is in that is speaks of Christ from beginning to end.
Consider who you may tell in the next 24 hours the Gospel of Salvation through the Messiah.
Invite someone to read the Bible with you and/or attend your small group with you this weekend.


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