Casting the Vision & Implementing The Dream

Bible-Study-opt.The vision of our church offering multiple Sunday School hours is coming to fulfillment after years of praying and preparation. Over the last several years many of us felt led that our church needed a jumpstart and that multiple Bible Study times could do that.  Over the last few weeks because of the efforts of many people God has answered our prayers and we smoothly launched a dual Bible Study while changing our worship services to accommodate the flip-flop schedule.

It is great when the vision is cast and dreams become reality. In the 1980’s, Summerville Baptist had an outstanding dual Sunday School. The church needed the space to grow and the second Sunday School provided that. Changing times and the ebb and flow of church life  contributed to the returning to one Bible Study hour in the late 80’s.   With new buildings in the 90’s we were able to accommodate all who participated in Bible Study.

Over the last several years many of us have been praying for this new day to arrive again. I remember last year when we announced at a training session that we were expanding again that  I wept with joy. The emotion was overwhelming. The dream began taking on some reality.

A second Sunday School automatically doubles our space in youth and adult areas which will help us start additional groups. The children and preschoolers space does not “double” but new opportunities arise to minister to them and their parents.

While Bible studies occur in home groups, lunch groups and other venues, Sunday morning Bible study provides an opportune time to gather and grow in the Word.  Almost 100% of our members and scores of others who are yet to join are engaged in a group Bible study on Sunday mornings. We are a Sunday School, Bible teaching church!

I write this to express some thoughts about Sunday School, vision casting, implementation and bearing fruit. God’s hand is certainly on this church and I believe that He will gather many unto Him through the relationships forged and the Truth taught in Sunday School.

Thanks for reading! I welcome your comments and your prayers!

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