I hate injustice…Always have…

All-lives-matter-imageI hate injustice. Always have! I think it is a combination of my upbringing, personal experiences, and knowing that God does not like it either. When people are exploited or when innocent people are hurt, it burns within me. I suspect you feel the same way!

This week in our Bible Teaching ministry at SBC we begin a new series looking at what the Bible says about social issues and how we can minister and overcome through Christ. These “hot topic” issues are based on everyday life. Christ, community and culture are always the themes we address in our life application Bible studies.

This past week, a lot of publicity has been given to the recanting of the story by “The Boy Who Went to Heaven”. This book and other books/movies like it lend themselves toward “spreading a false report” Exodus 23:1. Certainly there are many other ways to falsify information or conversations. God says in His Word…just don’t do it.

Our passage (Exodus 23) covers many other forms of injustice. “Do not kill the innocent and the just” is another aspect of injustice that occurs globally. An example of that is the infanticide in China, the abortions in Russia and the USA and the capture of girls in Nigeria. This week many in our country and in our churches are observing the Sanctity of Life emphasis as we recall the Supreme Court decision that allows the killing of babies as a means of birth control. All Lives Matter.

The issues are there. What can you and I do? We can speak out against human slavery, we can not show favoritism, we can refrain from oppressing others and the list goes on. In Exodus 22:31, God says, “Be my holy people”.  I think that is the answer. And I know that it is only through Christ that I am made holy.

Things to Ponder:

When have you seen or what have you read about injustice this week?

Have you ever been falsely accused? How did you feel? What was your reaction? Were you able to restore your reputation?

Favoritism is prevalent in our culture. How can you treat others with dignity regardless of their economic, social, educational, ethical, etc. status?

Pray for God to make you holy in Christ as you live out this day.


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