Why Am I So Depressed and How Can God Help?

depression“Why am I so depressed?” is a question that you may have asked yourself and/or certainly heard others ask. The psalmist in chapters 43 and 43 asks this question as he struggles with the turmoil of life that surrounds him. In fact the writer admits that he is “deeply depressed.”

One thing I appreciate about the Word of God is that it addresses all of life’s issues. While some would argue that Christians should/could not get depressed, I would have to differ. Certainly the Bible takes issue as well as we read here how this individual is working through his despondency.

People get depressed for various reasons. Various circumstances, grief, loneliness, are a few of the reasons people get depressed creating a sense of hopelessness, fatigue, cloudy judgment etc. And there is more serious depression that results from chemical imbalances in our body. The holidays are often a time of depression for many as expectations are not met, the strain of family life or travel, and of course the sadness associated with the absence of family members or friends.

In our study this Sunday, we see the psalmist admitting his depression and also reaching out for help by calling on God. He actually says “I thirst for God, the living God.” In his depression, created by his adversaries who oppressed him, the writer reaches out to God. I really like 42:8 which says “The Lord will send His faithful love by day, His song will be with me in the night.”

No matter what we are feeling, God is with us. He will sustain us, comfort us and one thing is for certain…He will never forsake us!

Things to Ponder:

How can this psalm (or other Scripture) encourage you today?

Have you ever “longed for God”?  Did He quench your thirst then? Will He do it again?

How does Christ Jesus restore your joy and minister to you during times of despondency?

Anger often turns into depression.

Who can you encourage by sharing Christ and His Word with today?


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