Overcoming Hard Times

The-Best-Hard-Time-3Remember Hugo!!! In our part of the country we know when a hurricane is approaching. And even though the storm may be hundreds of miles away, we begin preparing for the disaster that may come our way. Some crises are predictable and some just occur, like an accident. Either case, God will see us through as His Grace is sufficient.

Joseph knew that Almighty God was with him whether he was he placed in the pit by his brothers, or put in prison by Potiphar, or was having to prophecy before Pharaoh. “The Lord was with him” is a phrase we find over and over in Genesis. Even Pharaoh said “can we find anyone like this, a man who has the spirit of God in him?”

In Genesis 41 Joseph is brought before Pharaoh to interpret his dreams. Joseph is able to explain the dreams telling him that hard times are coming but they can prepare for the crisis. More than that, Joseph speaks the name of God to Pharaoh who was considered a god himself.  As a result of Joseph’s faithfulness to God, the Lord used Pharaoh to promote Joseph to what could be considered the prime minister of Egypt. One morning Joseph was in prison and by afternoon he was the prime minister of Egypt.

Things to Ponder:

Primarily God speaks to us today by His Spirit through the Bible. He also communicates with us through prayer, Christian friends and even circumstances.
Reflect on what God has been saying to you in recent days.
How can you be more alert or attentive to hear from God?
Joseph gave credit to God. How can you do the same at work, school or home?

What insights can you gleam from Joseph’s approach in talking with Pharaoh and how can you implement them in your communication at work, school or home?

Do people say that you “have the spirit of God?”

What hard times are you experiencing or do you expect to experience? How can you be prepared for the future?

Also remember a key passage in Genesis that colors this story and our lives too; “you meant evil against me but God intended it for good”. The Genesis 50:20 Principle.


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