Betrayal…Living Beyond Your Circumstances

BetrayalBETRAYAL…this word carries such heavy emotion as we remember times in our lives that we were betrayed. Or perhaps we remember betraying someone else. In both cases, it is an event that shaped our lives and certainly a time that we want to forget!

Joseph in the Old Testament book of Genesis was betrayed by his brothers, his own family members. We find the story in Genesis 37:19-36, this week’s focus in Sunday Morning Bible Study. Joseph was already scorned by his brothers because of dysfunctional family dynamics. His father Jacob had overtly demonstrated his special love of one child over another. Joseph himself had given bad reports on his brothers and shared dreams with them in which they were subservient to him. The brothers were jealous and desperate for their father’s love and acceptance. This sounds all too familiar to us today and was a recipe for disaster.

The brothers’ animosity had intensified so much that on an random occasion their rage boiled over and they sought to murder him. But instead of killing Joseph his brothers tossed him into a dry cistern and within hours took advantage of an opportunity to sell him into slavery. They acted out on their hatred, rage and jealousy resulting in this older teenage boy being sold into slavery. Sorrow, heartache, lies, deception, grief were some of the emotional results of this betrayal along with the tangible results of a young man enslaved in a different country and a father who never recovered from the grief and still did not love the other family members anymore!

Betrayal. Even Jesus Christ experienced betrayal by Peter and by many others who walked with Him. In fact people today still betray Jesus with their conduct, speech and actions (or lack of). As we begin this series on the character of Joseph we will examine various ways that he became an overcomer of his circumstances. You can be assured that Christ will walk with you through your difficulties and will never betray you. Let’s remember a key passage in Genesis that colors this story and our lives too; “you meant evil against me but God intended it for good”. The Genesis 50:20 Principle.

Things to Ponder:

Have you forgiven those who have betrayed you or asked forgiveness for those you betrayed?

Dysfunctional families create issues. What can you do to be a functional loving member of your family? What do you think your actions will do for your family? or for you?

People feel betrayed on many levels. Think about some of your friends and ask God to show you how you might support and encourage them.

How does it strengthen your faith knowing that Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you?


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