Prayer Changes Perspectives

prayer-changes-mePrayer changes things. Prayer changes people. Prayer changes perspectives.

That is exactly what Bob Carr said to us this week about prayer. Bob, who recently was diagnosed with ALS, commented that when he prayed it gave him a new perspective on his circumstances. Would you pray for Bob and his family now and in the future!

A strong connection point for God’s church is prayer. In Ephesians 6:18-23 the apostle Paul implores the church of Ephesus to pray for him while he was imprisoned in Rome. Instead of praying for a quick release, Paul asks the church to pray that he might have boldness as he spoke about the Gospel. Paul was definitely sharing the salvation message of Jesus with other prisoners, his guards and eventually he hoped to the Emperor.

I like how Paul refers to himself as an “ambassador in chains.” Most ambassadors had free reign of the city. Paul, though not representing a nation, was representing Christ to all who would listen. “Pray for me,” he says, and for all the saints (read church) with every prayer and pray in the Spirit.

The full armor of God (Eph.6:13-17) is powerful in spiritual battle and it is through prayer that the armor functions properly and the war is won. Aligning ourselves with God through prayer is essential to the Christian walk as live by the Spirit and leverage our lives. Let’s pray consistently for God’s leadership in our lives, for the church we belong to, and that we may speak boldly the message of the Gospel.

Things to Ponder:

Will you pause and pray for Bob and for others who need to experience God’s Presence?

Reflect on how God has answered your prayers. Give Him thanks and praise!

What area of your life are you controlling and need to release to God in prayer?

Who do you know that is not a Believer and you need boldness to speak to them about a relationship with Jesus Christ?

Commit to pray for the church on a daily basis.


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