Let Your Words Connect You

Neon wordsOne morning Sherry and I were having our daily devotions and the question came up, “what is the kindest thing someone said to you recently?” Without hesitation I said “Welcome to Moe’s”.

While that was funny at least to us that early in the morning, it makes you think that some people only hear kind words from strangers! I know that on the Meal on Wheels route that my conversation with some of the recipients is the only one they will have that day. Words connect people.

In Ephesians 4, Paul challenges the Believers to put off the old life, to walk in the Spirit and to speak the truth in love. Words can either build someone up or tear someone down. In verse 29, we are instructed not to let “rotten or putrid” words emanate from our lips/heart but rather our words and tone should build up people.

Slander, bitterness and words of anger have no place in our lives. Angry words can lead to broken relationships and if that anger continues can eat away at our joy. The Bible provides some very healthy advice to help us to live with a heart of love and grace.

I encourage you to let the Word of God saturate your life so that you can speak His truth in love to others as you leverage your life for His Name.

Things to Ponder:
Practice saying something kind to a stranger, an elderly person, a child…or anyone!

Let go of the negative things that people have said to you years ago or even recently. Forgive that person as well.

What does your spouse, your child or your friend need to hear from you?

What words are you hunger to have spoken into your life? Can you tell that to someone? In prayer, can you ask God to speak those into your innermost being?

Think about your use of the written word such as texts, emails etc. Are you using your words wisely in these arenas of communication?


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