Unity in the Body of Christ

One in ChristWe are such independent people! It is in our nature, culture and heritage. We take pride in being able to do things ourselves. Even little 2 year olds will say “look da da I did it”.  But yet the Bible calls us to be unified…even in our independence. Ephesians 4 and many other passages instruct us work together, to live in harmony, and to be united in our mission and in our lives

Paul was writing to a diverse culture in Ephesus and Asia Minor, who much like us are segmented by age, education, ethnicity, national background and the list goes on. We are called to be united even in our diversity as people of God.

How can we “walk worthy” with “humility, gentleness, patience and loving acceptance?”  It is only through Christ who does not divide people but rather unites people in His love and concern. As you know, Ephesians 4 contains the seven “ones”—body, Spirit, hope, Lord, faith, baptism, God.  We are called to be one in Christ regardless of our outward differences, our personal preferences or are independent thinking.

Let me hasten to say that we don’t lose ourselves in a blending mix, but rather discover our own uniqueness and just as important the uniqueness of another believer. God created us all different and in Christ, He brings us into unity, like a patchwork quilt carefully sewn together to bring comfort and warmth to the heart/life of every man, woman and child for His Kingdom’s sake.

Things to Ponder:
“Walk worthy of the calling”. What work has God called you to?
How do you leverage your life for Jesus in your workplace?
What is the difference between doctrine and methods?
How does doctrine and methods bring churches and believers together? and when should we separate ourselves because of doctrinal differences?
How can we be unified with other groups in our church?
How can we unified with other churches our city?
How can you live by the Spirit to bring an advocate for unity and not divisiveness?

What do you think?



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What do you think?

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