Victorious Faith

victorious faithThis past week I shared 1 Peter 5:7, “cast your cares upon Him,” with a group of about 120 people who were gathered for the Katie’s Krops dinner that our church partners with to help end hunger in our community. For the group as well as you and me, these words were refreshing as we thought about God walking with us through the crisis and worries of life. The remainder of the sentence tells us why which is equally important…”because God cares for you.”

My head and heart is filled this week the news of Christians being persecuted by Isis, Robin Williams untimely death, and other local tragedies and concerns, not to mention my own issues!  And yet when we turn to the Bible we find, once again, God saying, I am with you, do not be afraid. 

This Sunday as we finish out our study in 1 Peter 5 we will find many parting words from Peter to help us in our walk. I am sure the discussion will be rich as we talk about our cares and also how God can protect us from the “roaring lion” known as the Adversary who seeks to persecute, hurt and derail us. And even though the devil may win some battles, we know that God ultimately “restores, establishes, strengthens and supports” us in our daily walk. (1 Peter 5:10)

As Believers, we can walk in a victorious faith. Yes, we may suffer from many things, but God is our Redeemer and Shepherd. It is in Him that we find the peace and yes, determination, to keep trusting no matter what may happen to us or what misfortunes life may bring.

Things to Ponder:
Our focal passage speaks of being humble. How can we have a humble spirit without being self-deprecating? or losing our self-worth?
In your experience, has God cared for you? What cares are you sharing with Him now and what cares do you need to share with Him?
The Bible says that the Adversary (Devil) operates like a roaring lion. How have you seen that to be true? Think about the craftiness of the sin and how it creeps up on people.
How does it make you feel that God has “dominion forever”? 1 Peter 5:11


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