Ready with an Answer

ready with an answerYou never know when the opportunity may come. You have to be ready!

Each morning I pray that Christ will give me the words to say to be a witness for Him. And He does. Not only should believers wait on opportunities to share our faith but we should make opportunities to verbally express the grace of Jesus.

Peter in our passage for this Sunday in 1 Peter 3 & 4  instructs us to be ready “to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason.”  The setting in this passage is the persecution of believers in Asia Minor (Turkey). Peter is preparing them for the present and for the future. We too can be ready because the “eyes of the Lord is on the righteous” (3:13).

Having a ready faith is not easy but it is do-able. Granted, it is easy to get distracted by our jobs or the kids. Our thoughts may be somewhere else and then we realize that we had an opportunity to share our faith. I don’t know how many times I have realized that I should have spoken up about Jesus after a situation. Has that ever happened to you?

So how do we have a “ready faith”?  First of all, we must spend time with Jesus every day. Abide in Him. This is a foundational characteristic of a disciple. Secondly, we must ask and look for times we can express our faith through words and/or actions. God will help us see these times as we view people from His perspective.

Sharing the Gospel is just one nugget from this week’s Sunday Morning Bible Study. There are a few more that I am sure you and your group will delve in to. Come expecting a great time of interaction and growth!

Things to Ponder:
Think back through this past week at some missed opportunities to share your faith. What was said or done that gave you an opening? Learn from that.
What would you say about Jesus and your relationship that would relate?
How can you shape the conversation so the one you are talking to will think about Jesus? What are their needs? What are their interests?
1 Peter 3:18 summarizes the Gospel. Do you think this passage would be helpful to memorize or mark in your Bible?


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