How Active is Your Faith

man jumping faith in actionI saw our Scripture for Sunday Morning Bible Study lived out this week in several ways. You probably did too. My experience was seeing a guy who was tired and irritated confront another man yelling at him about getting in the way. The other person stood his ground and retorted back his view of the situation. The moments were tense. After everyone calmed down, the “yeller” came over apologized, explained why he acted the way he did and offered his name and a handshake as a form of building a new bridge…and maybe a new friendship.

When we are under pressure we resort to our base nature. Anger and other emotions often spill out and we have damaged relationships and even sin. One of the points Peter is making in 1 Peter 1:14-25 is that we are not to be “conformed to the desires of our former ignorance.” but rather to “be holy” in our speech, conduct and thoughts. You see as believers, we are called to a different standard of conduct and that is not always easy!

We often wonder why other Christians (read we ourselves) are not consistent with our actions. Our inconsistency becomes more pronounced the further we distance ourselves from the Father and from His body, the church. Peter reminds us that we have been “redeemed from our empty way of life by the precious blood of Christ.” This fact enables us to have the active faith to sincerely love others and thus to reflect our Lord’s love as well.

How do we live the life that Jesus intended? The key is not to try…but rather be. What I mean is that the closer we are with Jesus, the more He lives in and through us. Our “trying to be good” puts the focus on ourselves. Our constant fellowship with Jesus put the focus on Him as He works in our lives. Don’t try to be good…be connected to Jesus…and then the good comes.

So when you get bumped in life today, your base nature will not spill out. Instead your reaction will be different because of the One you are walking with is supreme even in your thoughts and emotions.

Things to Ponder:
In what ways are finding success in being “above the fray” of daily living?
Are you aware when your love for Jesus and your actions toward others do not match up?
Jesus’ death and resurrection redeems you from an empty way of life. How can you celebrate that in your life today?
If your life feels empty, ask Jesus to fill that hole in your heart. He will!


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