Focused Faith

focused faithCulture is pulling us in one direction. The thoughts of a friend sway our thinking. We read a blog/article and the point is well taken. But are these Biblical? Is our faith and subsequently worldview based on Scripture?

For the next few weeks in Sunday Morning Bible Study at Summerville Baptist we are pouring through the book of 1 Peter written to people who were being persecuted and were holding on to the teachings of Jesus for their hope.

Remember Peter? He was the disciple who was impetuous and now he is writing (inspired by the Holy Spirit) to the churches in Turkey ( and us too) to hold to the hope of salvation through Jesus.  We have “new birth into a living hope”. If anyone ‘s life had been changed, it certainly was Peter’s. He went from being an fisherman to a follower of Jesus to a bold proclaimer of the Messiah! The HOPE changed his life!

Our salvation according to the Bible is “imperishable, uncorrupted and unfading” (1 Peter 1:4). God’s promise to each of us is a place with Him in Heaven. We can rest assured that no matter what we face on earth, whether it is illness, poverty, broken relationships, or persecution, that His promise of eternal life is sure.

How can we keep that in focus?  Peter says we can set our minds and our hope and be disciplined in our walk with Christ. This means filtering the culture with the truth of the Bible and allowing Jesus to be supreme in all of our thinking and relationships. As we talk with friends let’s refrain from thinking “how can we top that” but rather, “what does the Bible say” about the subject. With so much media pulling us let’s set our minds on those things that bear truth to the cross and resurrection of Christ.

Things to Ponder:
How do you interpret the Bible? Ask yourself; what is the teaching, correction, rebuke or training in righteousness. God will reveal His Word.
How does knowing the Word help you resist a culture trying to compromise you?
Name 3 ways you are (or can enhance) a focused faith.
No matter what you are experiencing, this passage speaks to the truth of Heaven waiting for us. Realize that you have to live out your life to the fullest before we pass on into Heaven. No regrets!


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