God is Just

God is JustGod is NOT sitting in Heaven waiting to zap us! That popular image of God strays far from the teachings of the Bible. In Ezekiel 18:32, God says, “I take no pleasure in anyone’s death.”

So where do we get this image of God? Why do we question the justice of God? These and many other theological questions are answered each week in Sunday Morning Bible Study and this week is no exception as we delve into Ezekiel 18, a gem of a chapter in the Old Testament explaining personal sin and God’s justice.

The setting is that ancient Israel is in exile. The people are blaming the previous generation for their dilemma and also God. Ezekiel explains that sin is personal and we are not condemned by another’s rebellion in God’s justice. However it is evident that we often suffer from the sins of others as their actions are far reaching into families, generations, society etc…

The Bible teaches that the Believer’s sins have been forgiven by the blood of Christ. This does not give us a license to sin but frees us from being judged entirely by our deeds and actions. That is the Good News of the Cross of Christ which is central to our faith.  None of us can ever be good enough to get into Heaven. It is only through God’s grace.


I love the phraseology in Ezekiel 18:31, where it says, “make yourselves a new heart and a new spirit”. A new heart/spirit is certainly the work of God in our lives but we must cooperate as well. Our new perspectives come through daily abiding with Him, living in the Spirit, knowing His Word, showing mercy and exercising  justice ourselves.

Ezekiel 18 is a powerful chapter revealing God’s just nature and clarifying for all that He is a God who loves people, holds us accountable personally, and is willing to forgive. His death on the cross ultimately frees us and puts us in right relationship with Him as we clothe ourselves with His righteousness. We serve a just God!

Things to Ponder:
Remember when your integrity was questioned? Imagine how God feels when we question if He is a Just God!
How has other’s sins affected your life? What are you doing (or not doing) that is impacting negatively (read sinfully) others?
How can we usher in the justness of God? What can you do to carry His justice into the world you live in …and the world in which we live?
Do you have a new heart and a new spirit?


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