Holy God…Holy People

holy God holy peopleWhat do you know about God? What do you believe about God? How does your knowledge and relationship with God impact your life?
Beyond Belief:Exploring the Character of God is our new Bible study series that will help us focus on six attributes of God leading us to live fruitful lives in Him. God is holy, loving, just,forgiving,wise, and faithful. We discover these attributes of our Heavenly Father throughout Scripture and see them exemplified in the life of Christ.
In Psalms 99  we discover the psalmist declaiming the holiness of God. This Psalm is considered an enthronement psalm, meaning it declares the majesty of God. If you read it quickly you will get the general idea, but if you study it you will see how incredible rich this writing is in describing God and what our response should be. That is one reason I like Sunday Morning Bible Study because it gives groups an opportunity to delve into the Bible and springboard ideas toward applying it to our lives.
This psalm could have been a responsive reading in that the people would say “He is holy” at the end of each section. This actually reminds me of the great hymn of faith, “Holy Holy Holy”.  The psalmist declares that God is holy and is exalted above all the people of the earth…and not just the nation Israel. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords.
Because God is the Holy God, the Scriptures says He loves justice, establishes fairness and administers righteousness. In addition, God provides guidance as well as answering our prayers and grants forgiveness.
We cannot just read about the holiness of God and say that it is good. This Scripture calls us into relationship and into action. Take some time to think about the magnificent holiness of God and how He could love you and me in our fallen condition. In fact it is through His love that we become His children. Since God is holy, we should examine our lives and make sure we are living a holy life as well.
Things to Ponder:
Most cultures’ gods were limited to them. How does it expand your thoughts about God knowing that the God of Israel was for all people?
How do you feel when you think about the holiness of God?
Bowing in worship is phrase in this passage. What does it mean? How often do you truly worship.
Is worship something you do…or the way you live?
Praise God that even though He is far above us, that He answers prayer and forgives sin.
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