Look Around and Share Hope

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI watch people…watch people. What I mean is I have observed people as they encountered or avoided other people. You too can tell when a group of people are huddled together talking about someone else glancing over in that direction as if no one notices. Or perhaps you have seen people just walk by someone without even acknowledging their presence. In fact you and I both have been in every setting I just described.

In our text this week in Sunday Morning Bible Study (Acts 3) we find Peter and John making contact that many people overlooked because of his handicap. The setting is at the temple (read church) and on their way into the building pass by a man who has been lame for 40 years who was a beggar. Having no way to make a living, people like him (and still today) had to rely on the generosity of the religious to sustain their lives. As you read the passage, you see that Peter says to him “I have neither silver nor gold, but what I have I give to you.” Following those remarks Peter reached out “in the Name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene” and healed the handicapped man. Without any rehab, this man stood up straight and began walking, leaping and praising God. What a glorious sight!

Truly this passage is about true healing and the validity of the risen Christ for the early church, but I think it is also about how we can help change someone’s life through Christ. While we may not perform miracles like some of the apostles did, we can be used in some miraculous and even ordinary ways to change someone’s situation. And from a spiritual perspective those changes may result in that person accepting the salvation of Jesus. I think this passage helps to raise our awareness of how we can help people regardless of their situation if we are walking with Jesus Christ and allow Him to use us an conduit of healing for the body and soul!

Ponder with me a few things:
Who or what type of person do you overlook and how can you change that?
Our faith in Christ is the most valuable thing we can share. In light of that how can you share your time, your money, a conversation, etc. with others?
The lame man was overjoyed with his physical and spiritual healing. How do you express your joy in what Jesus has done in your life?
How has Jesus made you whole?

Let’s Do Something: The young adult 30’s class is collecting homeless bags. Here is the list of things…include batteries please. Women’s mission groups are gathering used prescription bottles, yarn, magazines etc. Katie’s Krops and SBC partner each month to feed the community. Desserts are always appreciated as well as your participation. And our church does much more to reach out in the Name of Jesus.

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