Jesus Renews our Hope

hope in lightsI’ve learned a lot about life through softball. I have experienced the exhilaration of a win and also the agony of defeat! This year our team has a lot more losses despite the skills of Mike Logsdon and me. But at the end of each game as we gather around and talk about our achievements and mistakes we close with getting our hands together in the middle and shouting out “Summerville”.  My hope is renewed that we will play better next game.

Peter in the latter chapters of Gospel of John felt defeated. He had made three errors in judgement that left him dejected and out of the game. But in John 21 Jesus in a resurrection appearance to seven of the disciples coaches Peter back into a renewed hope.

Jesus rallied Peter into hope by helping him verbalize his love for Him. Peter had struck out three times with his denial of Jesus, and now the “Rock” was affirming The Christ. I can imagine Peter getting louder with each statement finally ending in a cheer of “Yes I love you”!!!

What strikes me most in this passage is Jesus’ call for action by saying “follow Me”. Jesus used these same words when he called Peter to be a disciple. In fact, Jesus still uses these words for you and me. Following Jesus is not a game nor are we the only player. It is a serious commitment to being on His team, responding to His coaching and following His life enriching rules.

As you read this passage, think of how Jesus has renewed your hope and that He is the God of Second Chances.

Things to Ponder:
Forgiveness is at the heart of our faith.
How has Jesus’ forgiveness renewed your hope?
Who can you encourage and share the Hope of Christ with?
What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus?
How can you express your love for Jesus?… to Him…and to others?


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