Thankful for Hope

Hope on handRemember the time you called out for the Lord to help you? You were at your wit’s end. Or perhaps the crisis you were in seemed overwhelming. Or maybe it was just a whispered prayer during the day bringing awareness that He was there. I guarantee that in each of these situations you found Jesus to be ever present offering His hope and love to you. That is His nature, His character!

Psalm 138 expresses eloquently our hope in God and His unfailing love. In verse 3 we find David, the psalmist, declaring that God answered and strengthened him. God brought hope to David and He brings hope to you and me. We can be thankful for this.

David sang with praise and bowed in reverence declaring that one day every king would do the same. As great as some leaders are, they are not nearly as powerful or authoritative as King Jesus! I think it is wonderful to know while God is personal, He also commands the respect of every nation. And one day all will bow down before Him.

In the latter verses of this thankful psalm, David speaks of God hand, even His right hand, extending to save him and bringing purpose to life. God’s love is eternal and as David states, God “will not abandon the work of His hands.”

Earlier this week, on my Meals on Wheels route we spoke to a lady who was feeling despondent this Mother’s Day. Her family was gone. She felt lonely and isolated. She needed some hope, which we offered to her. She needs a friend! As we encouraged her, I suggested she write down some things for which she was thankful. Her eyes sparkled a little as she began expressing her gratitude.  We assured her that God was her hope and that He would see her through these days. My partner offered their number to her and also will be contacting her later.

There is hope. It comes from God. He sometimes uses us to express it.

Things to Ponder:

David sang, prayed and wrote about God’s hope. How do you like to express your thankfulness?
Reflect on the hope that God has given you. How are you strengthened by this?
Who do you know that needs God’s hope in their lives?
How can you be an agent of spreading hope to others?


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