A Look, A Word, A Touch…Can Bring Hope

touch from JesusJesus touches us…and it is better. He speaks the Word…and our lives are changed. His look, His touch, His Word…can all bring hope to you and me.

That is exactly what happened in Matthew 8 when Jesus heals both a man with leprosy and the centurion’s servant. As we examine this passage this week in Sunday Morning Bible Study we are discussing it from the viewpoint of hope being found in Jesus. He is our source of hope!

Just like ancient times, we tend to shy away from people who are ill or who are different from us. They may have some type of illness or issue that we do not want to deal with. Or perhaps as in the case of the Roman centurion, we act like the Jews of that day and avoid others from a different nation or culture. Jesus broke both of those barriers and wants us to follow His example when it comes to serving people. And if we are the ones who feel outcast for some reason, then we can expect Jesus to accept us and those who believe should offer support as well.

I like the fact that Jesus touched the leper. As appropriate, the human touch can connect us with those hurting. Like the centurion, who was a man of authority, we too should recognize the power of Christ to change our lives and that of others. He trusted Jesus with his concern and He did not let him down.

A look, a word, a touch. All of these can give hope to someone, especially when our motivation is from a heart filled with love and hope.

Things to Ponder:
In what ways can you identify with the leper? What happened to make you feel accepted?
How easy or hard is it to take Jesus at His word?
Do you believe Jesus means what He says in the Bible?
In what ways is the faith of the leper and centurion an example to follow?
The centurion interceded for his servant. Who comes to mind that you need to intercede for with Jesus?


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