Hope Is Needed

hope-sign-600x320Let Hope In” is our new series in Sunday Morning Bible Study. We all need the Hope the Jesus offers and over the next few weeks, we will see how “Hope” changes the lives of soldiers, employees, family, friends, enemies, and even ourselves!

Have you ever felt worthless? I mean you felt like no one cared about anything going on in your life? I know you are saying “yes” because we all feel that way sometimes. And often we feel that way for weeks, months or even years. In this week’s passage, 2 Samuel 9, we read about one of the truly great examples of grace given…and received…and hope extended that changed lives.

Mephibosheth was the son of Jonathan (grandson of King Saul) and had lived his life in exile following the death of both of these men in one violent day. Adding to his story of grief is that as a child an accident had limited his mobility. In fact all this happened to him at the same time. Both of these factors are devastating for anyone much less a little boy.

Fast forward 15-20 years, and David is now King, and wants to show favor to anyone who was a descendant of Saul. The Bible does a great job of capturing the drama and the compassion that David showed Mephibosheth. Looking at the passage through the “eyes of Christ” we see a clear illustration of God’s grace and mercy that He extends to us who may be fearful, broken and hiding from Him.

You see, God like David, wants us to “eat at the king’s table”. He offers us His love and grace. That is what the cross is all about. I pray that we may live out His example to us and that we too, may “let HOPE in”!

Things to Ponder:
Are there things or people you are hiding from?
What would happen if you asked forgiveness, made restitution or allowed God to work in that situation on your behalf?
Who has extended mercy to you in the past?
Who can you extend mercy to today?
What would it look like to you…to be totally accepted by others?
God totally accepts you! Imagine yourself eating at His table as you receive His forgiveness, love and grace.  


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