Sabbath Rest….We Need It

Sabbath restJokingly my dad used to say after a “stay-cation” that he was ready to go back to work so he could rest. You know that feeling of being off from work and yet working so hard around the house or being on a power packed vacation that you were just worn out.

The Bible says in Exodus 31:12-17, that God made the Sabbath, a day of rest, so that we could refresh our bodies and renew our spirit. The natural rhythm of working and resting is something that God ordained at creation. And while many of us do practice this, I think we can still learn a lot more on how to be refreshed both spiritually and physically.

In this passage we see the direct relationship with resting and rebooting. The ancient Jews observed the Sabbath as a day of connecting with God and the early Christian moved the day of rest to Sunday as the Lord’s Day since it was on a Sunday that Jesus was resurrected. Unfortunately most of the world is not being refreshed spiritually because either they don’t know Jesus or they are letting the pressures of the world block out the renewal that Christ offers.

In the past our culture closed down most things on Sunday but today commerce abounds and Sunday is just like any other day. As Believers let’s remember that Jesus has priority in our lives and that to spend time with Him daily and to aside time with Him weekly, will result in a balanced life that is fruitful and useful.


Things to Ponder:
Spiritual retreats are so refreshing. Remember a time when you were at a special event that renewed your faith.
How does worship and being with other believers on Sundays to refresh you?
What should you STOP doing on Sundays that prevent you from being refreshed spiritually?
What should you START doing on Sundays to help you be refreshed spiritually?


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