Our Faith and Our Giving

generosity changes everythingThe average person in America gives about 4 percent of their income to charities. Christians give 3 per cent to their church. Secular America out gives Christians. These facts are shocking, don’t you think? Getting a little closer home, there is a large percentage of members of our church who contribute very little or nothing at all.  As Believers, (if I can use that word) we have a heart problem or trust issues which results in non or little giving.
Paul in 2 Corinthians 9   addresses the Corinthian church reminding them and us of the power and process for giving and most of all the results when we give.
Often we think that our giving will appease God. Or maybe it will make us look good to others. Or we might even think about the recipients of our financial gifts. Jesus talked about giving throughout the Gospels. In Acts 20:35 Jesus is quoted as saying “it is more blessed to give than receive.”
That is a major point of our study this weekend. When we give cheerfully and out of love, then our hearts will be blessed and our lives changed much less those who receive our gifts. Giving is for us. It changes us. God does not need our money. He desires our total devotion to Him. He wants us to trust Him with our lives in ever way.
Things to Ponder:
Think about your relationship with Jesus. Are you certain that you a Believer?
Are you certain that you are an obedient Believer?
Do you love Jesus or do you love money?
Who rules your life?
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