Don’t put if off…be a blessing

procrastinationAre you a procrastinator? Do you ever put things off for say a few hours or days only to discover that 2 weeks have gone by? How about that home project you have been delaying? Or what about that friend you meant to contact? Have you done it yet?

Years ago there was campaign where a circular object was given to people. On this coin looking object were the words “to it”. The motivational idea was that you now could move on and get to that task that you had put off now that you had a round “to it”.

Paul in his letter to the Corinthians (see 2 Corinthians 8-9), was encouraging the Corinthians to get around to it. They had developed a strategy to help the poor and feed the hungry but got caught up in daily living and had not carried through. This is certainly not uncommon, as you and I do the same thing and are aware of others this happens too. Yet, we need to do what we say…and say what we do. People depend on you and me.

A second point of this week’s Bible Study is we have the means to give and help others and one day we may need the same help. A long time ago I made a conscious effort when visiting with the elderly or the infirmed to remember or to imagine what they were like when they were younger or healthy. Many of them helped so many people and now perhaps it was their turn to receive some aid. This is the point that Paul is making for us too. Give abundantly as God has provided because He has made a way for you to be a channel of blessing. You, your love, your offering is the answered prayer for someone in need!

Things to Ponder:
Who are you answered prayer for? The homeless without shelter or food, the missionary who has limited resources, the widow, the child without a father…Who?
Do you see your resources as something God has entrusted you with so that you can share them with others?
Ask God to open your eyes to anything you may have put off.
Ask God to open your “wallet” to anyone or to His church so that needs may be met.

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