Who Do You Work For?

Boss vs LeaderThe picture is circulating around and I thought it fit well into our lesson as we look at work relationships, work habits and attitudes about work. Take a few minutes and read Ephesians 6:5-9.

The setting is Ephesus, a bustling city in Turkey of 250,000 with a theatre that could seat 10% of the population. The economy was thriving and jobs/work was plentiful to keep this ancient city going. During this time of history many people were slaves either captured by the Romans, born into slavery, convicted of crimes, defaulted on debts and perhaps had indentured themselves. Paul in this passage does not condone slavery at all and but rather addresses how we are to treat one another in our daily work. I believe that Christians should follow the Biblical example and condemn slavery and seek to rid slavery in the 21st century through awareness, laws and culture shifts.

In our application of this passage we need to think of our work ethics and situation. How are we as employees? Or even as employers? How can we work for the Lord in all situations, even when we may not feel like it? How can God use us in our places of employment?

As Christians, we need to give our best efforts in our jobs. The passage says to work “as unto the Lord.” In other words, remember that God has placed us in our positions (worker or manager) that He constantly is watching us (whether our boss is or not) and that we can truly share our faith in all of our work relationships…and sometimes use words to do it!

Things to Ponder:
What techniques have you used in dealing with other people at work?
What type of worker are you? Do you feel like you are working for God?
Things continue to enslave us here in America, like debt or overextending in our lifestyle. What can you do to break free and not be a slave to payments?

For more information on human slavery today check this out….End It Movement

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