Good Work …God at Work

What do you do for yourgood job on post it note daily work? We all do something. Some get paid for it, others have worked and now retired and still others work as they raise their children. We were meant to work.

Over the next few Sundays, our church is focusing on the theology of work and what the Bible says about it. I am so glad that Summerville Baptist uses the Word of God as its source of information and inspiration.  As we delve into God’s Word in March we will look at various principles of work including who and what we work for as well planning our work. There is a session on financial planning as well as resting from work. It is going to be a great series of Bible studies that we can easily apply to our daily work regardless of what it is.

This week, our passage is from Genesis 1 and 2. The Bible is clear that we are be busy caring for creation. I especially like Genesis 1:28 which states that “God blessed them and God said to them.”  The they is Adam and Eve. Catch that God is honoring (blessed) and that He is talking to them as well. We have a personal God who shows us respect and wants to commune with us. I pray we can say the same!

God “placed” Adam in the garden. He had a specific work assignment for Adam, just like He has for you and me.  Mike Logdson and I were talking about this series and he shared an interview between Trevon Wax and JD Greear, in which they state our work is the evangelistic avenue for 21st century America.

Bible study influences our entire life and when we study the Bible as a group it helps us a team (read church) to change our families, our friends and our city. Your daily Bible study is your personal way of communing with God who wants to have that intimate relationship with you. Thanks for reading this and for being a part of a dynamic Sunday Morning Bible Study that provides a holistic approach at Summerville Baptist.

Things to Ponder:
How have your job(s) been a platform for ministry?
How do you overcome personal, professional or even legal obstacles in sharing the Gospel at your work?
List 3-4 things and 3-4 people you can thank God for in your job.
What “work” does God want you to do next?

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