Why is there suffering in the world?

why does God allow sufferingWhy is there suffering in the world? Why does God allow it?  First of all there is suffering in the world because men have evil hearts that express itself with violence, selfishness and no concern for others. Secondly, God is asking His church to address suffering and has equipped us to speak against it, to take action to stop it and to pray that His will may prevail.
In our Sunday Morning Bible Study this week we capture the essence of Job 42, the last chapter, where God answers Job about the issues of suffering. Throughout the book of Job there has been a dialogue among Job, his friends and God regarding the nature of suffering. Normally, we think people have caused their own suffering, but in this case the Bible helps us to understand that suffering occurs to all, whether good or bad, where deserved or undeserved.
The entire point of the deeply theological book regarding suffering is that no matter what we face, God is still sovereign, His presence is real and that His plans will prevail. Job and his friends thought they knew the answers but in reality they did not. I like what our lesson writers say, “Tradition had been exchanged for truth; secondhand information had been replaced by the knowledge that comes from personal experience.”
A bottom line for me is that the Christian community can do something to end suffering. Feeding the hungry, comforting the sick, ministering to the imprisoned are all instructions that Jesus gives in Matthew 25: 31ff.
On February 27, there is a world-wide focus to end the slavery of the 27 million children, women and men who are abused daily for pleasure and profit.  The End It Movement is the umbrella under which many anti-slavery organizations operate to free people here in America and around the world from exploitation. A Red Xon your hand or object will help to bring awareness to the greatest tragedy of this generation.
We suffer, we wonder about suffering and we can end some suffering. In each of these ways, may we all know Him more and realize His peace and love.
Things to Ponder:
What have you learned about God during times of suffering?
Who can you personally help today that may be suffering?
How can you become engaged more to stop the evil that produces suffering?
How does this topic change your prayers?
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