Is the Bible Real?

Boy with BibleCan we rely on a book that was written thousands of years ago, by over 40 authors and has been translated in numerous languages from its original manuscripts? Can we believe the story of forgiveness, love and eternal life that this document proclaims? Can you live your life according to the principles and not be left behind in today’s culture?

These questions arise when it comes to the authenticity of the Bible. Yet, when I read it this morning, I believe that God was speaking directly to me! I sensed the Spirit showing me insight in the verses/sentences I read and insight into my life. It made sense. When Sherry and I prayed later, we could repeat some of these same words we read, knowing that we were connecting with God and that He would hear and answer our prayers accordingly. Amazing! Simply amazing!

A few years ago, Sherry and I got to see some of the Dead Sea Scrolls. These documents are important in that they verify other manuscripts that are hundreds and thousands of years older. In other words, the Bible has been preserved through every generation. Did you know that there are more manuscripts of the Bible than other writings like Homer’s Iliad? There is so much proof that the Bible is authentic and is a special revelation and account of God’s love for mankind.

In this week’s Sunday Morning Bible Study, we look at Psalm 119 and how it speaks of the various terms of God’s Word and its benefits for the believer. We are thinking through selected passages (1-8 & 137-144) of this longest chapter in the Bible with the goal of re-affirming our faith in and holding in respect the Word of God. Come to Bible Study this Sunday and let me encourage you to embrace God’s Word wholeheartedly!

Things to Ponder:
Scientific, archaeological and various textual criticisms all affirm the Bible in academic circles regardless of the faith of the examiner.
Do you think God speaks through the Bible to you?
In what ways do you respect the Word?  the physical book itself? with your life? Do you have the Bible on your smart device? There are many great apps you can download.

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