What About Those Who Never Heard?

10 40 window worldIt is the year 333 BC and you live in what is now Brazil. Or maybe it is 2014 AD and you live in India and you have never heard the name of Jesus. What provision does God make for those who have never heard?  (current unreached nations)

The Bible is clear in that God desires for all of mankind to receive His salvation. John 3:16 is proof of this. Romans 1:18-25 serves as well for the clarification of what happens to those who have never been heard about Jesus.

As Paul begins his theological letter to the Romans, he begins this inspired Word by telling us that we all are without excuse because God has revealed Himself through nature. It is at this point that mankind chooses to either worship the Creator or creation. Too often, the case has been where people have chosen to worship the sun instead of The Son. In fact, anything we put before Jesus becomes an idol in our lives.

What can you and I do to reach people who have never heard the name of Jesus?
1. Pray for His Name to permeate cultures and hearts.
2. Pray for governments and cultures in the 10/40 window of the world.
3. Pray for those who are Believers in those areas to safely and effectively share the Good News.
4. Give to the International Mission Board Offering through our church.
5. Consider going on a mission trip in the near future.

Things to Ponder:
Is it easier to send money and pray or to tell a friend about Jesus?
Sharing with your friends about Jesus is not just a one-time event, but a life of conversations about His love and forgiveness.
Ask the Lord to give you openings in conversations to speak His Name and to specifically invite someone to accept His salvation.

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