Knowing God is Much Much More…

knowing GodKnowing God is much much more that we realize. Sometimes I think about how we have Him tied up in this neat little bundle of information that we hold dear to ourselves thinking that we have it all together. I admit I do that.

But what if we have the wrong slant or our culture has warped our view of God. Not on purpose necessarily (though that does happen) but because we live in a certain section of the world, in a certain time in history, raised in a certain way and have influences from a certain perspective. Hmmm.

“The world is perishing for lack of the knowledge of God and the Church is famishing for want of His Presence”–  A.W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God.

Knowledge of God is the story of the Gospel. And it seems that billions of people are still searching for something or someone to fill the hole in their heart. I am glad that I am part of a church that prays, gives, and goes so that the world may hear about Jesus. Some of that going is nearby and personal. And some of it is across the ocean.

But what about knowing His Presence. Do you think that if we treasured the Presence of God more in our heart, that we would be more apt and intentional about sharing the knowledge of Him with others. I think so.

My heart breaks when I think about billions not knowing a first hand account of the forgiveness of Christ. Thank you God for revealing yourself in spite of us and our efforts (Romans 1). My heart aches when I think about the local church being hungry for the Presence. People are filling up on other things (religious stuff) and not the relationship that helps us to abide in Jesus.

Knowing God is much more than we think. And perhaps we need to keep thinking, praying sharing, and breaking down cultural barriers, hard heartedness, selfishness and whatever else keeps us from knowing Him in all His fullness. After all that is what He wants…a relationship with each of us.

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