Does God Exist?

does-god-existDo you believe God exists?  I would think that most of you reading this would say YES, YES, YES!!! That is because you know what it means to experience Him in your life. You probably talk with Him every day and He talks with you through His Word.

A great many people in our culture today would answer “No” to that question. A keen insight into their denial is that people today do not believe in God because it interferes with their moral standards. They reject or deny Him because of those reasons and not because of intellectual or philosophical reason. In fact, scientists tell us that 99.7% of every culture that ever existed has had some form of deity or god they worshipped. What does this tell you about the changing social and moral climate in our society?

Psalm 19 is rich with imagery about the existence of God. The writer begins with a beautiful parallelism description of creation. He (David) reminds us that the stars, the sun, the sky etc. declare the existence of God. I am reminded of the NT passage which says even the rocks and trees cry out the praises of Jesus (Luke 19:28).

The writer goes on to remind us that while creation effortlessly declares general revelation of God’s existence and that the Bible is a special revelation of God’s existence. I love the descriptors of the Word as it builds up to the value of the Bible in terms of the worth of gold or of a precious food which in that time was honey.

Does God exist? The clear answer is yes. The question must be extended though, to does God exist in you?  In other words, have you acknowledged that Jesus is your Savior, that His death brings you life and forgiveness of the sin of unbelief?

Things to Ponder:
Have you trusted Jesus as your Lord and Savior? If not, pray right now and ask Him into your life. If you have, pray and thank Him for His “special revelation”.
How can you use nature to share with others that God exists?
In what ways does the Word of God speak to you?
What value do you place on the Bible? How often do you read it? Do you respect it as Holy Scripture as a book or on your electronic device?
Where is your “go-to” Bible right now?

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