Is Every Life Sacred?

life is sacredIs every life sacred? Expectant mothers, disabled individuals, girl babies in China, children and teens sold into slavery are all examples of people who are asking this question every day.

David in Psalm 139 asks this question of God, “Where can I go to escape Your Spirit?” He answers his own question by saying that there is nowhere on earth that we can go to escape the Creator. In other words He knows exactly where we are, what we are thinking and doing and what we are capable of doing next. The conclusion is that since God knows all about us, that He created us, and that He loves us, means that every life is special to Him.

This week in our Sunday Morning Bible Study we wrestle with the concept of life, how far it extends and to whom it extends. Clearly this passage is very assuring of God’s presence but it also raises our awareness of others. If God loves us so much that he has “encircled and place His hand” upon us then we must also conclude that He loves everyone, regardless of age, race, abilities, gender etc. He loves every human “for God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son.” 

Over the next few weeks, we are looking for honest answers to life’s real questions. The Bible is our source of authority. It supersedes all other writings as it is the Holy Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit. Join your friends as we look as life’s hard questions from a theological perspective and align ourselves with Truth.

Things to Ponder:
How do you treat others? How can we show respect and dignity to everyone?
Will God forgive us for our past?
How can we respond to others in the future?
What does it really mean to treat life as something sacred?

Resources you may want to check out:
Lowcountry Pregnancy Center
A21 Campaign: Stop Human Trafficking
Compassion International
Baby Girls in China Information  

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