The Holy Spirit Lives IN and EMPOWERS You

mindset“My mind is made up” is something that we might say or hear. This means that we know what we are going to do. We are focused and ready to make it happen.

In this week’s Sunday Morning Bible Study in Romans 8 we see the words “mind-set” mentioned at least three times. It refers to how people think about things. For example in Romans 8:6-7, Paul speaks of the mind-set of the flesh and of the spirit. He contrasts the two, as one brings death and hostility and the other brings life and peace. Again in verse 27 he refers to the Holy Spirit’s mind-set of interceding for us in prayer.

What is your mind set on?  If it seems, self -centered or angry, then clearly you are not allowing the Spirit to bring you peace. If you have never experienced a sense of well-being, perhaps you should ask Jesus to abide with you. The idea is not to be religious but to have a relationship. And you know in your heart if you know Jesus as Savior…or not!!!

That brings me to another teaching in this passage which is about being adopted by God as His children. You see He does not want us to live in a “spirit of slavery and fear” but rather as His children and thus heirs to the Kingdom. He loves us like a father or mother loves their children.

As you think through this let me remind you that the Spirit intercedes for each of us in our prayers. You may not know exactly what to say to God, but the Spirit does. Spend some time right now communing with Jesus as your Savior, Lord, friend and brother. Enjoy your relationship with Him!

Things to Ponder
Can you spot someone who does not know Jesus? How about a Christian who is living in a worldly mind-set?

Did you know that non-believers generally label Christians who are self-focused as hypocrites and judgmental? They can’t tell the difference between a non believer and a believer who is not living for Christ.

How can you adjust your mind-set to walk with Christ daily?

Disciplines of walking with Christ include daily prayer and Bible reading. A Spirit-filled Christian will also fellowship with other believers at church, give to Kingdom causes and share their story about Jesus.

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