The Gift You Cannot Give Yourself

cross between cliffs salvationEasy Believe-ism or Pre-Determined? Pluralism or Legalism? Faith or Works?

These are some various ways that people today view salvation.  Some believe salvation is all planned while others think it can be achieved. Still others just want to coexist or not take a definitive stand on who Christ is. Salvation—it really is something we cannot give or obtain ourselves. It truly is a gift only from God!

In our Sunday Morning Bible Study this week, our entire church is focused on salvation and forgiveness. We are unified in our teaching that Jesus is the author of our salvation. In the adult division each class/small group is examining Romans 3:21-28. This passage is at the center of Paul’s explanation of the Gospel as he outlines it in Romans 1-7.  What a great study as we continue into this Advent season reflecting on the birth and person of Immanuel.

Here are some words that may appear in your Bible depending on the translation:

Propitiation: sacrifice to appease the justified wrath of God
Expiation: ending the guilt of sin through sacrifice
Atonement: the act itself of forgiveness caused by sacrifice

Whichever word your Bible uses or that you embrace in your understanding, know this; that the object of the sacrifice is Jesus Christ, the Messiah. He is the One that takes away our sin and puts us in right relationship with God.

Things to Ponder
How do you see faith and works combining in the life of a Believer?
Is anyone without sin? How does this help you understand others…and yourself?Justification comes through the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross. How can you live your life to reflect His cleansing in your life?
Have you heard these word plays before?
justification—“just as if I have never”   atonement—“at one with

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