Thanks-Giving to God

ThanksgivingTable_mdIt seems that Thanksgiving is everyone’s favorite holiday. Expectations are low, calorie count is high, travel is often necessary, and family is precious. We often think of the Pilgrims as introducing Thanksgiving to us, but in reality God’s people have been giving thanks for centuries.

Some of the first words we ever learn are “thank you”. From an early age we are taught to have a grateful heart. Young children recite a prayer at meal time thanking God for His provision. And across America this coming week, religious and non-religious people will bow their heads and offer thanks to God.

In Psalm 100, our text for Sunday Morning Bible Study, we fine the quintessential psalm of thanksgiving. Next to Psalm 23 this is one of the most recognized psalms to which people refer. I am glad that we get to take a deeper look at it this week as we think about Thanks-Giving.

The first words of each sentence in this psalm give specific directions; “shout, serve, come, acknowledge, enter and give”. All these words of action remind us that giving thanks is something to be done, experienced and felt. I specifically love the phrase “enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise”. As we draw closer to Jesus, our hearts ring out with thanks and praise.

I am thankful to you for reading this and hope and pray that you have a great Thanks-Giving.

Things to Ponder:
On Facebook, people are publically listing things they are thankful for each day. Stop and give thanks for your family and friends. For what else are you thankful?
We thank God for what He has done. We praise Him for who He is.
Who in your life do you need to thank…from the past…and even in the present?
How can you honor God this Thanksgiving?


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