Step In…Be Wise

wisdomKeepsFromFoolishnessFoolish people cause others to get hurt. You and I have both seen foolish drivers, or been a part of a foolish conversation, or witnessed a foolish action. And yes there have been times when we have been foolish. How can we avoid being foolish and what can we do to intervene when we recognize that foolish behavior may ruin relationships?

In this week’s Sunday Morning Bible Study, we see such a situation. Abigail as well as her servant intervenes with wisdom to keep Nabal (nickname for fool) and even David from engaging in activity that would result in bloodshed. Nabal unwisely rejected David’s request for payment for his protection. A servant wisely shared with Abigail the situation and she in turn salvaged the situation, actually creating a better result for David.

We often see people being foolish or taking unnecessary risks. This may be because of personality traits, circumstances or lack of information. Stepping in with more information or a calming spirit can often prevent disastrous results. The Bible says we are to pray for wisdom and God will give it to us. Let’s pray for discerning thoughts, calm speech and wise actions.

Things to Ponder:
Does seeing the bigger picture help you when making decisions?
What phrases can you employ in talking with someone who has not thought it through?
How does stepping back, gathering information, analyzing, help you before you step into a situation?
What is going on in your life that you need to step in and be a peacemaker or help someone avoid making a mistake? Will you step in?

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