What should we do when strife leads to conflict?

end of ropeIt seems like the littlest things can get us going! What I mean is that a comment or a look can escalate into a tense verbal exchange and then burst into a full fledge breakdown of a relationship. You and I have both experienced this as relationships can often collide. So what do we do?

Communication, examination of motives, clear thinking, and applying Biblical principles are all ingredients to help us through difficult times. In Genesis 13 we read the story of Abram and Lot deciding to part ways rather allow circumstances to drive them apart. When they both realized that their families, possessions and employees could not share the same space, they implemented a plan that resulted in peace and opportunity for them both.

One of our issues is that we think we have to win every conversation or prove that we are right. In our marriages this often leads to divisive arguments. In our parenting it may result in lack of communication and understanding building up walls between parent and child. In our friendships we tend to avoid the other person or talk about them to others.

Once again the Bible shares with us more than just an historical account of ancient people. God is trying to tell us today through His Word that love and communication will lead to peace within oneself and with others. I am grateful that the Word speaks to our hearts and gives us practical advice on how to live and improve our relationships with others and with Him.

Things to Ponder:
Why do you think you want to be right about everything?
When is compromise good? When is it not?
Is it more important to be right or more important not to damage a relationship?
What relationships do you need to work on this week?

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